Affordable, High-Quality Kids’ Toys for Educational Family Fun!

Wooden Jumbo Colour Blocks - Kids Toys

Affordable, High-Quality Kids’ Toys for Educational Family Fun!

As the world has slowed down and global lockdowns have ensued, many of us are reminded of the adage, ‘happiness comes from the simple things.’ It’s the laughter of children, a cup of coffee with a good friend, playtime in the garden, or the unboxing of a new gadget or game. Many of us have, over the last year, started to revel in the simple things. While businesses closed and we all entered our bubbles of safety, those little things became all the more important; be it a puzzle with the family or a game of cards after a meal.  

We understand that times are pretty tough and that many parents feel that pinch on their pockets. However, this doesn’t mean that your kids have to miss out on fantastic toys. This is why we are so passionate about our bespoke collection of affordable, quality-assured wooden toys, puzzles, clothing, and soft toys at SweetStix Toys. When it comes to these toys, we have various innovative games and toys to suit children of varying ages and developmental stages.

Some of our most popular educational kids’ toys include:

  • Puzzles: Puzzles offer fun and connection for the whole family and are a fantastic learning tool for children of all ages. They offer a great way to teach the concept of building a bigger picture with smaller parts. They also enhance numerous skills such as concentration, planning and goal setting, shape recognition, and patience. These skills are needed for school, and regular puzzle building can help children develop this all-important attention to detail. The added bonus? Since puzzles are so fun, it won’t feel like work! With our jungle puzzle starting from as little as R26.65, we have super affordable games bound to offer hours of family fun, without putting pressure on those purse strings.
  • Colouring booksColouring books offer hours of entertainment. They are also a fantastic exercise for development. Colouring develops fine motor skills and coordination and is an excellent way for kids to practice their pencil grip before they learn how to write. Beyond these amazing advantages, it’s also a wonderful activity for the exploration of self-expression and creativity – arguably two incredibly important aspects of childhood development. Little ones can enjoy these books independently or delight in some quality time with the whole family. There is no denying just how therapeutic colouring-in can be, and these books give everyone (even the adults) a moment to slow down. 
  • Shape sorter cubes: The shape sorter cube offers kids a fun way to enhance their problem-solving skills, providing them with an entertaining way to learn about colour and shape. Little ones will love playing these games with mum and dad, grandparents, or older siblings, delighting when they get the right fit and the shape pops into the box. The bright colours also make it a particularly eye-catching and alluring toy and this toy is bound to support integration and creativity.

Enjoy the Simple Things with SweetStix Toys

As a small team of six (two of whom are under the age of six and therefore the best toy testers in town!), we are always on the lookout for quality toys that offer fun and excitement without breaking the bank. We believe wholeheartedly that every child should enjoy the wonder of amazing kids’ toys, and this is why we strive to amalgamate affordability and great quality. We also love supporting local and love working with artisans and craftspeople in the kids’ toy world. So, if you are a budding crochet artist creating magical kids’ toys, or the parent of a little one looking to enhance their toy repertoire, get in touch with us. We would love to find your little one the perfect toy.